About us

First Macedonian P2P Platform to Invest

p2p.mk is part of the first "Crowdlending" platform Goldmen Capital in Macedonia, which in the last few years has recorded huge successes in the field of financial mediation. p2p.mk as a P2P platform enables investment in consumer loans, provided by credit companies (loan recipients).

Invest now!

Earn up to 14% annually on your investments

p2p.mk is a platform where both individuals and companies can invest. To invest you need to register by filling out a short form and go through the verification process.

The minimum amount for investing in one loan is 3000 MKD.

There is no minimum deposit amount.

Graduated economist, long-term professional banker, visionary in fintech and promoter of the P2P sector in the Republic of North Macedonia.
Possession of many years of professional experience, achieved with stable progress in working positions within the Financial and Banking sector. A person with extensive experience in the field of credit analysis, corporate banking, trade financing, retail lending and investment consulting.
Life vision and mission, implementation of technology in the financial sector, to make P2P a must-have tool in every individual's daily life. p2p.mk provides excellent innovative solutions in conditions of inflation. With p2p.mk, smart investing has its application.

Security and Stability

p2p.mk is a reliable and stable "peer to peer" platform where you can invest in consumer loans.
At p2p.mk, credit companies appear as borrowers, which provide greater security for investors. These companies offer a "Buyback guarantee" with which they actually offer to buy back the loans from investors if the owner of the loan has not paid them an installment of 60 days. This guarantee makes p2p.mk a very reliable and stable investment model, following the world trends where investment funds, banks, pension funds and various hatch funds are starting to appear as investors.