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These General Terms and Conditions regulate the rules according to which users can use the services of the platform. is a domain that functions as an Internet-based peer-to-peer platform for facilitating the activities of approving loans to users from originators, purchasing individual loan claims from other users and fulfilling the concluded contracts. The platform also acts as an advertising tool, providing users with ideas and information. is administered by and is owned by GOLDMAN CAPITAL DOOEL SKOPJE with address at ul.Vladimir Polezhanovski no. 29/11 Skopje, with EMBS 7443609 and EDB 4080020591968

Correspondence details:

Phone: +389 76303225

Email: [email protected]

Contact person: Teodor Todorovski as a digital platform communicates with the founders and users without being a party to the transactions between them and without taking responsibility for them, administering their obligations through a software application for organization and management. can sell certain places on the platform, intended for the distribution of advertising content from third parties in the capacity of advertisers, and in these cases the relations between them are regulated by a separate agreement.

The originators with whom transactions are carried out, that is, contracts are concluded, through the platform are financial companies established and registered in accordance with the Law on Financial Companies of the Republic of North Macedonia.
The users of the platform are natural or legal persons who want to buy back claims on already granted loans from the Originators, which would give them the right to receive payments.
Loans placed on are approved by the originators upon request, preliminary research and approval of the applicant and are paid on the basis of an explicit written loan agreement concluded in accordance with the legal regulations of the NMK.
The loans that are placed on are unsecured and financed from the Originator's own funds and after their placement on the platform, investors can also purchase and acquire payment rights that are subject to an explicit written agreement with the Originator.
Agreements for the assignment of claims with investors are concluded remotely with an electronic signature. The electronic signature is created by generating a personal password from "", which consists of any alphanumeric combination, which is sent to the user after his preliminary identification by e-mail or telephone.
The creation of the electronic signature is done by generating a personal password, which consists of every alphanumeric combination, which is given to the INVESTOR after his preliminary identification by e-mail or by telephone. The user agrees that the signatures created according to the previous provision will have the legal meaning of a handwritten signature.

The agreement for the assignment of claims enters into force after the payment has been made by the investor. The payment is considered made after confirmation of receipt of the giro account amount of the Originator or the platform administrator and when the user chooses the option of reinvestment or automatic investment by carrying out a cash settlement.

Funds invested by Investors through the platform for the purchase of receivables are not deposits.
The services provided through the platform are not licensed investment services and are not subject to regulatory rules on public offerings of securities and marketable financial instruments or other regulations governing the activities of investment intermediaries, collective investment schemes and other collective investment undertakings .

Taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the platform to assign claims, the user fully assumes the associated risks of partial or total loss of the invested funds.
In order to increase the security of the investment and mitigate the risk, the Originator provides a guarantee for the redemption of the claim in accordance with the agreement between the initiator and the investor.

The minimum amount for investment is 50 (fifty) euros, in Denar equivalent according to the average exchange rate of NBRSM on the day of payment of funds.

The platform enables access to the services after the user's mandatory registration through the creation and personalization of a user profile.
Some of the information services on the platform are provided to users without the need for prior registration. These are the informational sections with open access after the initial visualization of the website.

The user registers his user profile in the platform, providing the necessary information and documents, according to the entered criteria and the specified registration steps. If necessary, the user provides additional information, verification and identification assistance, which is deemed to be agreed to be performed by entering the initial registration information. An automated system guides the user through the registration procedure.

The user undertakes to provide accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive information for his identification according to the set criteria and conditions for registration. Each user is personally responsible for the accuracy of the content entered and published by him in the platform, including the declarations made through the personal user profile.
The platform reserves the right to monitor the accuracy and timeliness of the data provided by users on their registered profiles, to refuse and terminate the registration without notice if it determines inconsistency with the entered data, indicating insufficient or incorrect data or in order to a violation of applicable law is prevented.
The user uses the registered profile in the platform after it has been confirmed and activated by the administrator, if he meets all the registration criteria, for which he will be notified through the established communication channel. By activating the user profile, it is considered that the user has authorized and allowed, as the owner of the platform, to perform the necessary activities for providing services to the user according to the modules and functionalities of the platform, which corresponds to the data and the criteria he entered on his user profile.Корисниците на платформата мора да бидат полнолетни лица над 18 години кои имаат деловна способност легално да склучуваат договори.
The users of the platform can be individuals, sole traders and legal entities duly registered in the competent register, identified including through their legal representatives in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation. Each user of the platform is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the usernames, passwords, identification codes and numbers provided and used by him, and is responsible for any action and access performed with them, which will be considered performed on behalf of at the user's expense.

The User undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of his account access information and is fully responsible for all actions performed using the username and password. The user undertakes to immediately notify the platform of unauthorized access or, in the probability and suspicion of such access, as well as of any other possible breach of security. provides accessibility, continuity and security that are common to digital content or services of the same type within the reasonable expectations of users. Access to the Services may be temporarily limited by external reasons beyond the control of the Platform Administrator, including but not limited to force majeure, random events, global Internet problems or reasons due to the equipment of the Originator or the user, in which case it will be take the necessary steps to restore access as soon as possible.

The platform performs the actions for technical introduction, maintenance, processing and updating of the information from the published content, reserving the right to change the type, technology and design of the provided services.
The investor can transfer his claim to third parties who are users of the platform with a registered user profile at a discount in accordance with the terms of the contract with the Originator.

The transfer according to the previous provision takes effect in relation to the Originator after receiving a bilateral notification by the investor that transfers and acquires in the platform and a confirmation from the administrator. The investor can cancel the contract for all or part of the purchased receivables, with an explicit written statement to the Administrator, submitted through the platform, and the termination of the Contract for the assignment of the receivables will be done in accordance with the conditions provided for in it. The originator can terminate the contract with the investor for all or part of the purchased receivables with a one-month notice to the investor through the platform.

The investor can accumulate funds in advance, including from acquired rights to receive payments, which are stored by the platform as a personal wallet with virtual visualization of claims, for the purchase of new claims through reinvestment or automatic investment. The options for them are preset and rejected by the developer by activating virtual buttons or using combinations to manage a virtual exhibition with a cart, according to the program offered by the platform for choosing preferences, filters, settings.


By entering the necessary registration data according to the set criteria and steps in the platform, the user gives an electronic statement, with which he voluntarily gives his explicit consent to the processing of information containing personal data, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


Any possible dispute between the platform and the users will be resolved by the joint efforts of the contracting parties.
Each user has the right to submit objections in written or electronic form by sending the published addresses and means of correspondence. GOLDMAN DOOEL SKOPJE shall review the objection and issue a reasoned decision within 14 fourteen working days at the latest.


Each user of the platform is personally responsible for the legality of their actions.
The services of the platform can only be used for legal purposes, in accordance with the published general conditions for accessing the services.
Unless otherwise stated, the website of the platform with its elements and content, artwork and design, trademarks, selected databases, software, domain, advertising products, graphics, logos, photographs, etc., without regardless of whether it is registered or not, are the property of GOLDMAN DOOEL Skopje and are used with their consent and are subject to protection as intellectual property.

Hyperlinks from the platform to sites owned by third parties, if any, are provided solely for the convenience of the user and the platform assumes no responsibility for them or their content and the way they use the consumer's personal data. When visiting some of these pages, the user does so entirely at his own risk. reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions by notifying users by posting on the website. Any modification of these general conditions will apply to the further use of the platform.
These General Terms and Conditions are accepted by GOLDMAN DOOEL Skopje.

Last change and update as of 05/31/2022

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